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About us

Established in the year of 2000, Prakshal is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm that offers certified courses in the field of Information Technology that open exciting opportunities for people aspiring for a career in the IT industry.

We are well known for being a premier IT training organisation in the regions we have a presence and are rapidly expanding across India keeping in view our credo as expressed by Mr. Kalpesh Sheth our Chairman and Managing Director: “We declare the sky to be our limit and the speed of light to be our speed of growth”.

We offer vocational training to aspiring students, professionals and to organisations in the corporate and government sectors.

We have also been associated with many government sponsored development schemes for skill development programs for youth belonging to disadvantaged groups in society. We have successfully trained participants in IT skills and have successfully placed them in reputed organizations and empowered them in the programs we have partnered.

As leaders in computer education, software development, HR & management consulting, and infrastructure management services; we have earned a well-deserved reputation as result oriented experts in our areas of expertise.

By offering placement assistance to the students attending our certification programs we take pride in our success in having trained and developed employable professional for the IT industry and empowered many young people by having successfully placed our qualifying students in good jobs.

‘Life without meaning cannot be borne. We find a mission we’re sworn’

A major part of our activities are structured to train youth for the booming IT industry in order to fill vacancies that exist with trained manpower. At Prakshal we aim to enable youth to achieve their ambitions.


IT has become backbone of almost every organization. Information Technology has become inseparable part of our lives today, whether we use Computers/ Laptops, Mobile Phones, ATM, Railways, Net Banking or other services we use technology. This has increased the demand of Hardware, Networking & its security and so the need for the professionals who can manage and maintain the IT Infrastructure.

Hardware and networking is an industry which experienced a major hype over the last decade, ever since the IT boom. The demand for the IT Professionals isCOMPARATIVELY more than the supply; this creates an opportunity for enterprising entrepreneurs to associate with a business which is stable and results in long term returns making the investment safe.


The ‘planets’ as it defines the wandering stars; Prakshal too has the influential planets that surround the training system to achieve desired targets. These planets comprises of various code of conducts that are issued in order to the betterment of the candidates.

Prakshal is the sole creator and admirer of the unique planets that are designed in a way that fulfills the purpose of every trainee. The structure starts from level one that provides student’s manual which guides them towards the enthralling journey till the excellent train the trainer programme. With the concern of every trainee, Prakshal ensures that the trainees are assessed through all the nine planets.

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